[jsword-devel] InstallMgr / Bibles View

Aleksander Rozman - Andy jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 05 Jan 2004 02:00:59 +0100

At 1/4/2004, you wrote:
>Aleksander Rozman - Andy wrote:
>>>>Display Bible. I managed to load a bible, only problem I have that text 
>>>>is incorrectly displayed? Is this supposed to be so...?
>>>What version is it and what is wrong?
>>I have installed base Sword project (starter pack), I have KJV of 
>>bible... Here is what it looks like like. Text is not correctkly 
>>formated, and everything is underlined... (picture attached)
>Yes this I know about this.
>The underlined words have strongs numbers associated with them, and the 
>hyperlink *should* open the relevant strongs number in the dictionary pane.
It might be nice to underline strong numbers, but readability of text is 
very bad (unreadable). It would be better if links would just show in 
status bar, but text would be displayed normally.

>One of the problems that we have is that the JDK 1.4 HTML renderer isn't 
>too hot. I tried the JDK 1.5 renderer the other day and it is much better, 
>but 1.5 is a way off.

Mhm. Where did you get 1.5 renderer?

>So one of the jobs that I need to do is to spend some time hacking on the 
>stylesheet to create a better view of the OSIS files.

Where is this code (package?)? I would like to take a look to see how you 
will do that. I am more concerned that there are no spaces between certaian 
words? (you can see it in the picture)


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