[jsword-devel] InstallMgr / Bibles View

Joe Walker jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 04 Jan 2004 20:03:46 +0000

Aleksander Rozman - Andy wrote:
>>> Display Bible. I managed to load a bible, only problem I have that 
>>> text is incorrectly displayed? Is this supposed to be so...?
>> What version is it and what is wrong?
> I have installed base Sword project (starter pack), I have KJV of 
> bible... Here is what it looks like like. Text is not correctkly 
> formated, and everything is underlined... (picture attached)

Yes this I know about this.
The underlined words have strongs numbers associated with them, and the 
hyperlink *should* open the relevant strongs number in the dictionary pane.

One of the problems that we have is that the JDK 1.4 HTML renderer isn't 
too hot. I tried the JDK 1.5 renderer the other day and it is much 
better, but 1.5 is a way off.

So one of the jobs that I need to do is to spend some time hacking on 
the stylesheet to create a better view of the OSIS files.