[jsword-devel] Module Installation

Paul Price jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 4 Feb 2004 14:51:01 -1000

G'day Joe.

	I'm not fluent in C++, but I know C.  It seems that 
AbsoluteDataPath comes from prefixPath (after making sure there's a 
slash at the end of the line, and the leading dot-slash has been 
removed), which in turns comes from the configuration file in the 
"mods.conf" or "mods.d" subdirectory of the sword install.  In my sword 
installation, that's "/usr/local/share/sword/mods.d/".

The DataPath element in the configuration files seem to point to 
directories relative to the *parent directory* of "mods.conf" or 
"mods.d".  i.e., in my case, "/usr/local/share/sword/".

For example:

price@mithrandir:/usr/local/share/sword/mods.d>grep DataPath geneva.conf
nt.bzs  nt.bzv  nt.bzz  ot.bzs  ot.bzv  ot.bzz

Hope that helps.  If I've completely missed the mark, please let me