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Wed, 04 Feb 2004 23:56:56 +0000


I got an answer to the module installation problem on sword-devel, now I 
just need to understand it!

I know from the mail below what the c++ code does to download modules, 
but I don't know c++ so I'm struggling. Can anyone help?

I was trying to understand where AbsoluteDataPath comes from and I came 
across this line:

for (; ((*buf2) && ((*buf2 == '.') || (*buf2 == '/') || (*buf2 == 
'\\'))); buf2++);

And my brain crashed.
I don't know perl either, but I'm betting that that line is also valid 
in perl, however in perl it is a complete implementation of the game of 
life or something.

It's probably not worth spending ages over because I reckon it must be 
possible to go from the module type + module name, but I any of you 
speak c++ like a native and could tell me from these sources, what to 
download I'd be grateful.




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Hey Joe,
	Yeah, we have an attribute stored for a module called: AbsoluteDataPath
which will return the directory the fullpath to the datafiles.  It's
built in SWMgr.  There is duplicate code in src/mgr/installmgr.cpp that
does the same thing (which should be removed and used AbsoluteDataPath,
but give the algorithm more concisely).

	Hope this helps,

cf. /RawGenBook

cf.  /AbsoluteDataPath

Joe Walker wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm adding a module downloader to JSword, and not being totally sure how 
> to get it to work.
> The current algorithm goes like this:
> - download "mods.d.tar.gz" from the given directory
> - unpack, and select a module
> - from the config file for a module pick the DataPath element
> - download all the files from that directory (without recursing
>   down the tree) into a directory of the same name within your
>   sword modules tree.
> However this fails because many of the DataPath elements point off into 
> space somewhere.
> Does anyone know the right algorithm?
> Thanks,
> Joe.
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