[jsword-devel] Bugs

Joe Walker jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 11 Sep 2003 15:54:42 +0100

Wilfred Springer wrote:

>Hi all,
>I just checked out a local copy from CVS and noticed a couple of things.
>      * jsword.sh cannot be executed by sh because of EOLN problems; I
>        suggest changing the EOLN marker at build time; 
>      * /etc/bin/*.* are all marked binary; I suggest changing the tags
>        and the cvswrappers file; 
I think they were binary to get round EOLN problems, however clearly it 
had gone wrong somewhere. I think I've fixed it now, but I'll check 
better later.

>      * the documentation says jsword is supposed to be compatible with
>        JDK 1.3, but unfortunately it isn't;
Mostly fixed.
The only remaining problem is working out which Component has the focus 
at 1.3. Any ideas?

>      * the program attempts to set the SwordDir to C:\Program
>        Files\CrossWire\The SWORD Project, which I am happy to say
>        doesn't exist on my Linux box ;-)
I don't know of a good way to find the default Sword dir. So we make a 
guess currently. Perhaps the guess should be platform independent. Do 
you know where a good default unix install would be?

>I would be happy to make some contributions, but I don't know where to
>take them. (That is, I suppose user anonymous isn't allowed to make
>changes, right?)
The easiest thing for me would be to send me a patch. If you've got 
eclipse that should be easy.
Thanks for the comments.