[jsword-devel] First Message

Joe Walker jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 24 Jul 2003 23:13:28 +0100


Immediate plans go - fix bugs and dont add functionallity until it is 
worthy of release.
I've been insanely busy over the past few weeks working in London, but I 
now have a job working 50% from home so I'm doing a lot less traveling. 
I hope I will get more time to spend fixing bug, although I am always 
very suspicious of people making promises like that!

As to what to do - whatever you like there is a file called bugs.txt 
that could do with bugs being added, (and fixed and taken away!)


Pablo Bryan wrote:
> Hello all,
> I would just like to introduce myself as I just joined the list. I just 
> found out about jsword, downloaded it and immediately could tell that 
> there is a lot of work pending on it. I would like to help. I'm no guru 
> but I consider myself a novice to intermediate Java developer, I have 
> concentraded in struts and the web technologies (don't have a lot of 
> Swing, AWT, etc... experience). But I'm aware of the need of a good 
> bible study tool that runs on all platforms.
> I would like to ask what can I help with? bugs, maintenance stuff, 
> etc... to start getting my hands wet with the program. I checked out 
> jsword from cvs and have it running on my machine with Eclipse (got that 
> far!). But instead of just poking around I would like to know what the 
> plans, etc for the project are.
> I would like to say thanks to  the founders of the project for choosing 
> Java, I don't know c or c++ very well and all the other study tools are 
> written on those languages and, though I've tried, I can't help much. 
> I'm very excited that I finally found a project I'm interested in, where 
> I can actually do something.
> Please don't hesitate to contact me via this list or directly to my email.
> In Christ,
> Pablo Bryan