[jsword-devel] RE: TWiki - Registration for CameronBraid

Joe Walker jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 15 Apr 2003 18:48:28 +0100

>Cameron Braid wrote:
>>I have been trying to setup the Jsword project in Eclipse to be able to
>>compile the project.
>>Firstly, there isn't any documentation to indicate that JAXB us needed to
>>build the project.  I figured this out from reading the ant build script.
>>It may be worthwhile adding this info to the twiki (which I can do as soon
>>as my registration is approved)

JSword comes with JAXB, so you shouldn't need to download anything new. 
However there is one trick documented at the top of the build.xml where 
you need to run ANT to use JAXB to generate the classes from the OSIS 
schema before eclipse will compile everything. Maybe this was the problem?

>>I have run into a problem with the Osis binding, using JAXB.  
>>I downloaded the latest version of the Java Web Services Developer Pack 1.1
>>- jwsdp-1.1
>>As far as I can tell, this is the only downloadable version.
>>I installed this pack, and setup my classpath to contain the JAXB jars.
>>I then ran the ant script to compile the schema binding classes.
>>The problem is with the ObjectFactory - All methods of this class are used
>>in a static context, even though they are not static.
>>I presume that the osis code has been written against an older version of

Yup. JAXB 0.9 is included, and you're right I do need to upgrade.
I'll shout when it is done. While I'm at it I think there is a new 
version of OSIS out. I'm on 1.1, but I think there is a 1.2

>>Will this code be upgraded to use the latest version fo JAXB, or can you
>>include a 'generated' source tree in the CVS repository so that I don't need
>>the old JAXP version?

What does everyone think about including generated source in CVS? I'm 
fairly against it because the ant script should check all the 
dependancies and do all the work for you, so the only barrier should be 
In addition adding the stuff to CVS makes for even bigger source trees, 
(source .zips are 8Mb already!) and it makes it possible for things to 
get out of sync, both in CVS and in peoples personal trees, and it slows 
CVS check-in/outs.

I'm going to be updating the website soon so I'll add some stuff on this.