[jsword-devel] JSword for the masses (Part 2)

Mark Goodwin jsword-devel@bibletechnologieswg.org
08 Oct 2002 00:39:49 +0100

I've merged the JNLP stuff Joe and I have been working on to the trunk. 

The ANT target for building a JNLP target is jnlp.deploy.  You will need
to edit the codebase attribute in JNLP file if you want to test it on
your own server; there's no easy way around this without generating the
jnlp file dynamically, so for the time being you'll all just have to put
up with it (I do plan on making a JNLP jsp at some point).

Again, if you want a play, the URL is


(It'll be the whole 4.7 Mb again - I built myself a new keystore).

I would be grateful for some feedback (i.e. it works / doesn't work, I'm
running webstart version <blah> on <blah> OS) - apparently the last
build didn't work on Windows - not exactly a minor problem.

When I'm happy it all works well, it would be nice to see it on the web

Does anyone know how much digital certificates cost / whether there are
discounts for not-for-profit uses.  Do you think we need bother? (all it
changes is the "it's highly recommended you don't start this
application" bit).

Have fun.