[jsword-devel] IDEs currently in use here?

Joe Walker jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 25 Nov 2002 10:16:29 +0000


> heya all...  was just discussing with a friend today about IDEs for 
> java, and he was suggesting I use intelliJ cause that's what he uses 
> at work.  previously I've used JBuilder (v4 I think was the latest I 
> used) and the good old nedit and vim (both with syntax highlighting 
> enabled), but what are ppl using for developing jsword?  it's looking 
> that I'll have some time on my hands soonish and am hoping to take a 
> look at stuff here.  so require installing an IDE (well, not 
> _require_, but probably better to), and wondering where to start 
> looking at stuff?

Personally I use Eclipse (www.eclipse.org) and I'm fairly sure Mark does 
I've been through a lot of editors Cafe, VJ++, VisualRage, TogetherJ, 
JBuilder, NetBeans, and Eclipse is far far better in my opinion.
I've not used IntelliJ, so I can't compare with that.

Things I like: it does error highlighting like a spellchecker, as do 
many IDEs, but Eclipse lets you press CTRL+1 and it will often fix the 
bug for you! When there are several alternative fixes it will let you pick.
CTRL+SPACE does autocomplete as do may IDEs, but in eclipse you can 
complete on far more things, and you can customise the way the 
completion works too.
Oh, and it's free.
The new version (2.1M3) contains lots of extra refactorings and fancy 
bits too.

> is just running "ant doc" the main place to look atm?

Yes, it creates you a complete website that includes handwritten docos, 
javadoc, junit test results, source and html, etc.

> any specific packages which are wanting a looking at?

If you need suggestions I'd say the Swing GUI is most in need of a 
champion, but If there is something else you'd prefer to do, just pick 
an itch to scratch.