[jsword-devel] Greek Tagging HELP WANTED

Troy A. Griffitts jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 14 Nov 2002 22:42:23 -0700

We haven't had much voiced interest to help on this project.  I'm 
planning to head down to the local seminary to recruit volunteers if we 
don't get anyone from the list.

Please, if you have any Greek experience (it doesn't require much, as 
you'll have a lexicon and a translation in front of you-- you just need 
to match the greek with the part of the translation), consider 
volunteering for a small book.  I think you'll find that it flows quite 
smoothly along and that it will really help sharpen your greek skills.

Newest test program is available from:


You'll still need a version of java installed first, probably from:




which allows you to work offline and includes an export button to export 
just your assigned section of Scripture to email to: kjv2003@crosswire.org
Follow instructions in README.  If you're running windows, you'll need 
to add these executables to the ModEdit directory:


The new version has Proxy support in case you need to access the web via 
a proxy, and much code cleanup, all thanks to Christian Frommeyer.  Hurray!

Tab keys seem to not work in java 1.4.1 for moving to the next tag, so 
arrows up/down are also assigned to do the same thing now.  I still 
recommend getting used to the keyboard (left, right, up, down, space) to 
do the editing.  Dragging is 'cool' but the keyboard seems more efficient.

Latest source available from:


Daniel Glassey, can we get a new wikiweb for the kjv2003 project?

	Thanks to everyone for their feedback and support,
		-Troy A. Griffitts.