[jsword-devel] Recent changes

Joe Walker jsword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 21 Dec 2002 19:39:50 +0000


I've been very quiet for a month or so, but not because I've not been 
doing bits and pieces. The changes that I can remember:

- I've made the unique identifier for the Book and Bible classes be 
[Book|Bible]MetaData rather than String as was the case previously. This 
change made lots of sense when thinking about the web-start code and how 
the SwordBibleDriver worked. I think we need to merge SwordBibleMetaData 
and SwordConfig next.

- I've updated some out of date jar files and added some source zips to 
help debugging. This means your next cvs update could be slow, sorry.

- I found classdep which reports on circular dependancies between 
packages, and every circle showed up some weak design, so I moved a few 
classes around to fix them.

- I've refactored SerBibleDriver into 3 parts. BibleData storage, search 
storage, and the Ser code that simply calls to the appropriate parts. 
This means that potentially any code can have a search index for free - 
I figured we could use this to help speed up Sword driver searches. It 
also means we can think about using Lucene as a search engine in its 
place, which could be cool. More about Lucene later. It also means we 
can reuse the BibleData caching part to help speed-up the WebStart code.

That may be a lot to take in. Shout with any thoughts.