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This page is for OSIS that is problematic for osis2mod. Each section consists of a title, a description of the problem, an example of valid OSIS that osis2mod should handle and how osis2mod fails to handle it today. When osis2mod is fixed to handle it we will note the SVN revision in which it is fixed.

Out of Versification Content

Osis2mod only handles verses in the books are part of the SWORD supported versification. The default versification is KJV. If a verse is outside of the acceptable versification, osis2mod should append the "extra" verse to the prior verse in the module. This was working in 1.5.11 but now does not work.

Here is a test case:

<chapter osisID="Matt.7" chapterTitle="CHAPTER 7.">
<verse osisID="Matt.7.29">For he taught them as <transChange type="added">one</transChange> having authority, and not as the scribes.
<verse osisID="Matt.7.30">Test to see if text is properly appended to prior verse

This should output a message that:

Reversified Matthew 7:30 as Matthew 7:29.

It does not do that, instead the verse ends up as Matthew 8.1.

Linked Verses in Commentaries

Two methods for linking should be available.

The first looks like:

<div type="section" annotateType="commentary" annotateRef="Matt.1.1 Matt.1.2">

This should output a message like: Linking Matthew 1:2 to Matthew 1:1

The Second looks like:

<div type="section" annotateType="commentary" annotateRef="Matt.2.1-Matt.2.9">

This is currently broken