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Problems with module

Strong's markup and morphology isn't proper. The entry for Gen 35:11 is (one lemma per line):

<w lemma="x-Strongs:H0430">\u3000 \u795e </w>
<w morph="x-StrongsMorph:H8799" lemma="x-Strongs:H0559">\u53c8 \u5bf9 \u4ed6 \u8bf4</w> 
<w lemma="x-Strongs:H07706">\uff1a \u6211 \u662f \u5168 \u80fd </w>
<w lemma="x-Strongs:H0410">\u7684 \u795e </w> 
<w morph="x-StrongsMorph:H8798|x-StrongsMorph:H8798" lemma="x-Strongs:H07235|x-Strongs:H06509">\uff1b \u4f60 \u8981 \u751f \u517b \u4f17 \u591a </w> 
<w lemma="x-Strongs:H01471">\uff0c \u5c06 \u6765 \u5187 \u4e00 \u65cf </w> 
<w lemma="x-Strongs:H01471">\u548c \u591a \u56fd </w> 
<w lemma="x-Strongs:H06951">\u7684 \u6c11 </w> 
<w lemma="x-Strongs:H04428">\u4ece \u4f60 \u800c \u751f \uff0c \u53c8 \u5187 \u541b \u738b </w> 
<w morph="x-StrongsMorph:H8799" lemma="x-Strongs:H03318">\u4ece \u4f60 \u800c \u51fa </w> 

The fifth lemma here uses | separated strongs and morphs, which are not handled properly by the OSISHTMLHREF filter (I think this is invalid markup). It displays as this: <07235|x-Strongs:H06509>(H8798|x-StrongsMorph:H8798)

It's valid markup from OSIS ~2.0, prior to defining how this should be handled. Nevertheless, the content needs an update. Osk 23:43, 10 June 2008 (MDT)