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mod2osis attempts to convert an installed SWORD module to an OSIS encoded Bible or commentary.

Current status

The following is pasted from a message sent by Greg Hellings to sword-devel: (lightly edited)

  1. mod2osis only purports to work on verse-keyed modules
  2. it does not even work properly on verse-keyed modules

The near complete lack of interest in mod2osis and refusal to support a basic regex extraction and search/replace in either the C++ stl::string or sword::SWBuf means I have no desire to finish the last few pieces of getting mod2osis working. Anyone else is welcome to tackle the remainder of the work by finding my branch on Launchpad.


The following is pasted from a message sent by Troy to sword-devel: (lightly edited)

mod2osis is a reference objective for the filters. Some day the osis2mod + osisosis filter set will perform a well enough to allow a simple module iteration and output to support a loss-less round trip using osis2mod and mod2osis. Greg has submitted patches to mod2osis to bring this really close, but to reiterate, the goal for mod2osis is not to produce an export utility, but to be a reference objective to improve the engine's import and filters.

So, 'deprecated' is not exactly how I would label mod2osis, but practically for end users, it's the same.

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