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This page is a place holder for ideas for new CrossWire projects. For existing projects please see Current Projects.

Compressing GenBooks

Currently, mod2zmod cannot compress a GenBook module, some of which can be rather large. Developing a method to compress a GenBook would be a worthy aim.

Platforms with no Front-end

Please add each idea as a new sub-section, and provide some details about the platform.

Windows Phone 7

David Haslam has contact with Thomas Dilts who is developing a SWORD-based front-end called Cross Connect specifically for Windows Phone 7. There is a video preview for this here.

Application Frameworks with no suitable Bible viewer

Please add each idea as a new sub-section, and provide some details about the application framework.


Brew (Brew MP) is an application development platform created by Qualcomm, originally for CDMA mobile phones.

Some 40-60% of newer 'dumb' phones support BREW, and about half of those don't support Java.

Not an open system

Unlike J2ME apps, each application published via BREW is for a single model of phone on a single wireless carrier only. To publish a Bible app on a single model phone on all phone carriers in the US, that would be about 20 publications. Each publication has a certification process that runs into the hundreds of dollars. While it was thought there was now a 'free' alternative, it appears to be limited to AT&T carrier applications only and is about the "prove your background" preliminary steps (also over a hundred dollars) and not the publication process.

Bottom line, BREW is not an open system, and is not compatible with the business model SWORD and Go Bible operate under (free, Free, FREE.)

Programming tips

"Getting C++ to work in BREW can be confusing at first. Lets take a look at how it's done...." See

Porting J2ME apps

Phones with Brew generally do not have Java ME, so Go Bible applications cannot be installed. However, there are solutions to porting J2ME apps to BREW. Example: