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Xiphos was released in February 2009 as the new name for GnomeSword.


The rest of this page is now of historic interest.


GnomeSword is one of a family of programs suitable for viewing bible texts provided by The SWORD Project. GnomeSword uses Gtk2 to show the user selected verses, commentaries, dictionaries, and other common useful features. In Oct 2006 it was recompiled against the then latest SWORD libraries for better placement of text on screen, though earlier versions will generally work okay, but not look as pretty if you know what you're looking for. In comparison to other programs such as BibleTime (KDE-based) and BibleDesktop (Java-based), it provides plenty of features and is well worth a look, and also supports many non-English versions of the Bible such as Hebrew, or Greek.

Screenshots of GnomeSword version 2.4 on Linux


  • Support for Bible, Commentary, Lexicon, and General Book modules
  • Footnotes, Text notes, Cross References
  • Strongs Hebrew/Greek numbers
  • Morphological Analysis codes
  • Non-English texts (Hebrew, Greek, etc)
  • Parallel Page - Display up to five versions
  • Headings and other text formatting (Words of Christ in red)
  • Bookmark Bible passages, Commentaries, Lexicons and Dictionaries
  • StudyPad and Personal Commentary for keeping notes
  • Add personal notes to verses
  • Search Bibles, Commentaries and Personal notes
  • Spellcheck
  • Uses modules from The SWORD Project or from other configurable sources
  • Development is ongoing on both SWORD libs and GnomeSword, so check back every so often.

Building Gnomesword for Windows

An eventual HOWTO may appear here.