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From paper to sword

Printed editions are 'tagged' using these special characters:

Textual Unicode value[1] French English Examples Frequency
U+2731 Alinéa Large space between paragraph. Gen.49.3 Gen.49.5 Lev.14.1 490
U+2606 Grand alinéa Larger space between paragraph. Gen.2.4 Gen.3.1 Exod.1.8 504
U+2605 Petit alinéa (texte poétique) Small space between paragraph (poetics) Ps.42.1 Ps.73.1 Isa.36.1 17
  1. The default module font in some front-end applications may not display these special symbols. It would therefore make sense to specify a font that does in the conf file.

Divine Names are tagged as:

Textual Unicode value Original Examples Frequency
L'Éternel YHWH Gen.2.4 Gen.3.1 Exod.3.2
Dieu Elohim Gen.1.1 Gen.4.25 Exod.1.17
∗Dieu U+2217 El Gen.14.18 Gen.16.13 Exod.6.3 212
†Dieu U+2020 Eloah Deut.32.15 Neh.9.17 Job.3.4 50
∗Seigneur U+2217 Jehovah Matt.1.20 Matt.2.13 Mark.1.3 137

About years

John Nelson Darby did the initial french translation. The new testament was first published in 1859. He did some corrections in editions published in 1872, 1875 and 1878. The old testament was first published in 1885 (he died in 1882).

The last printed edition was done in 1975; a major change was to update chapter number from roman numerals to arabic numerals. There is no known significant modification in all the editions done since Darby's death.


Currently, the last revision of the CrossWire beta module FreJND is version 1.16 dated 2008-06-13.

According to the FreJND conf file, the Text Source is from Bibliquest.

There are two whole Bible downloads available from Bibliquest:

Their most recently updated text (dated 2009-06-02) contains dozens of corrections. The FreJND beta module therefore needs to be updated accordingly.


French Bibles generally have versification differences compared to the KJV. The current module does not specify a versification in the conf file. The output from emptyvss indicates that there is a real issue that needs fixing:

Leviticus 6:24-30
Numbers 12:16
I Samuel 23:29
Job 38:39-41
Job 41:26-34
Psalms 13:6
Ezekiel 20:45-49
Hosea 11:12
Jonah 1:17
Matthew 23:14
Acts 8:37
Acts 15:34
II Corinthians 13:14

Many of these are locations detailed in [1].

Bug reported

  • Double dagger symbol (U+2021) in Acts 16:30 reported by David Haslam corrected in 1.17
  • Hebrew using "Psaume" instead of "Chapter" reported by Etienne corrected in 1.17
  • Typo in Num.33.51 ("paya" instead of "pays") reported by Etienne corrected upstream and in 1.17
  • Nested note in Rom.9.33 reported by Yvand corrected in 1.17
  • Misplaced alineas (end of previous verse instead of start of next verse) reported by Yvand corrected in 1.17
  • Different dates (we can find two different dates : 1859 and 1975, in the .conf file and in the OSIS file (header>work>identifier)) -> See FreJND#About_years
  • Update link (replace by in the .conf file) reported by Yvand corrected in 1.17
  • Missing letter ID in notes (see Gen.49.5, Num.21.12) reported by Yvand corrected in 1.17
  • Unordered letter ID in notes when references in NT (see Matt.4.10 Heb.3.11)
  • Wrong paragraph division, examples :
  • 1John.2.13 Add two § and add note (but this is certainly related) (Bibliquest problem ?)
  • Use range verses in osisRef, for continuous verses ("<reference osisRef="Exod.22.26">Exode 22:26</reference>-27" should be replaced by "<reference osisRef="Exod.22.26-27">Exode 22:26-27</reference>" in Job.24.9 (note), for instance) (according to the OSIS Manuel, this syntax is valid).
  • Wrong note ID in titles of the Song, Rev
  • 1Chr.26.18 : Replace in note : "voir la note** à" by "voir la note X à" (X = corresponding ID)
  • Zech.5.3 : wrong note ID : note d must be c
  • [suggestion] Ps.3 : Tags should not be placed in the subtitle, but at verse 1 (no ?)
  • Space problem in John.21.5 (twice, after ":" and after "?"), in John.18.22, in John.18.28 (before the parenthesis)

Errors upstream (Bibliquest)

Most of the errors listed below have been detected by comparing FreJND with BibleDatabase. Moreover, most of these errors are minor !

  • Gen (in French)
    • Gen.1.11-12 : "Et il fut ainsi." se trouve au verset 11 et non au verset 12
    • Gen.4.20 : Remplacer ; par :
    • Gen.5.28 : Remplacer "quatre-vingt deux" par "quatre-vingt-deux"
    • Gen.18.12 : Il manque une virgule après "Étant vieille"
    • Gen.19.35 : Ajouter virgule après "elle se coucha"
    • Gen.21.14-16 : Mauvais découpage des versets (cf verset 15)
    • Gen.22.22 : Ajouter virgule après "Pildash"
    • Gen.24.33 : Majuscule à "parle"
    • Gen.29.11 : Ajouter virgule après "sa voix"
    • Gen.29.15-16 : "Dis-moi quel sera ton salaire?" est au verset 15 et non au 16
    • Gen.30 : "Et il coucha avec elle cette nuit-là." est au verset 16 et non au verset 17
    • Gen.31.45 : Remplacer "un pierre" par "une pierre"
    • Gen.37 : "et il déchira ses vêtements," est au verset 29 au lieu de 30
    • Gen.38.11 : Ajouter virgule après "Et Juda dit à Tamar"
    • Gen.41.42-43 : "et mit un collier d'or à son cou;" est au v42 au lieu de v43
    • Gen.41.48 : Remplacer "mis" par "mit"
    • Gen.42.19 : Remplacer "ou" par "où"
    • Gen.44 : "Avez-vous un père, ou un frère?" est au verset 19 (et non 20)
    • Gen.46 : "Et il dit: Me voici." est au verset 2 (et non 3)
    • Gen.48.3-4 : "et m'a dit:" est au verset 4 (et non 3)
  • Exod
    • Exod.6.2 : Lack space in "l'Éternel(Jéhovah)"
    • Exod.31.18 (note 1) : Replace "date A.C 1491." by "date A.C. 1491." (⇒ replace later by "date : 1491 avant Jésus-Christ." like other notes)
  • Neh
    • Neh.11.10 : Add ":" (i.e. replace "Des sacrificateurs Jedahia" by "Des sacrificateurs : Jedahia")
  • Ps
  • Eph
    • Eph.3 and Eph.4 are continuous (like Eph.4 and Eph.5) (⇒ need to change the ID of the notes)
  • Acts
  • Rom
    • Rom.1.20 (note 2) : Replace "c'est-à-dire" by "c. à d." (like almost every where else)
    • Rom.4.8 (note 1) : Replace "c'est-à-dire" by "c. à d." (like almost every where else) and add italic

Bugs related to frontends


  • [fixed] Note numbering doesn't follow the n attribute (of the n tag)
  • [reported, still unfixed] Titles are in wrong order (this is not proper to FreJND) (see report)
  • [reported, still unfixed] Search problems with "[" and "]" (see report)