Creating and Maintaining a Module Repository

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Layout of a Module repository

A module repository is an echo of the mods.d and modules area as found under any Sword module area on your system (e.g. ~/.sword) plus mods.d.tar.gz, as created by:

tar czvf mods.d.tar.gz mods.d/*

Several front ends (particularly for small devices) do require modules in a different format though, as a zipped file.

mods.d.tar.gz is a gzipped file.

Zipped files

Some of the smaller devices running a sword frontend do not have a network enabled module manager. Users of these devices need to download their modules as zipped files and unzip them in the right place - e.g. a SD card.

It is also helpful for people who have no access to direct internet connections or live in countries with monitored access to the internet[1] to be able to download (and possibly distribute) zipped modules.

These come in three formats

  • rawzip (required by JSword derrived front-ends)
  • zip for MS Windows
  • zip for Mac OSX


Jsword derrived frontends use a different module management process.

Firstly they require a HTTP connection, secondly they require only mods.d.tar.gz and a directory of zipped modules (rawzip format).


  1. Access Denied: The Practice and Policy of Global Internet Filtering (Information Revolution and Global Politics).