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Suggestions, ideas for improvement

  • References to notes, reported by Yvand
Some notes refer to other notes (in another passage), and so uses * (or ** etc.) to refer to a particular notes in a verse.
Two examples have been noticed, see the note e in Judg.13.19 and in the note in 1Chr.26.18 (** should be replaced by the given note attribute).
I guess these two particular cases should be corrected manually.
  • Move spacing tags from Psalm headers to verse 1 in Psalms, suggested by Yvand
As in the paper version, my opinion is that spacing tags shouldn't be in Psalms headers but at the beginning of verse 1.
See for example Ps.3, Ps.9, Ps.16 etc.
  • Keep the notes in book and chapter titles, suggested by Yvand
Currently notes in book titles (Song, Rev are concerned) are moved to a paragraph foregoing the chapter content.
Those two notes do not preview correctly in Xiphos. David Haslam
As well, notes in chapter titles (Ps.25, Ps.34, Ps.37, Ps.111, Ps.112, Ps.119, Ps.145, Lam.1 are concerned) are also moved at the beginning of a paragraph below.
The notes in those Psalm titles preview OK in Xiphos, but the note in Lam 1 does not. David Haslam

Resolved issues

  • Wrong note numbering when both standard notes and references notes are present, reported by Yvand
This issue concerns only some notes in the NT. It appears if a verse mixes standard notes and crossReference notes.
See Matt.4.10 Heb.3.11 for instance.
Skc> Hard to fix, as crossReferences are parsed first and then standard notes
  • Missing paragraph breaks after (some) clusters/stars , reported by Yvand
The presence of a cluster in the source involves a new paragraph. But it doesn't work if the cluster does not follow a paragraph of notes.
Examples for Clustermoyen can be found in Gen.11.27, Gen.25.12.
Examples for Clustersecondaire can be found in the Psalms, for instance Ps.3.7, Ps.4.2, Ps.5.3, Ps.27, Ps.14.1.
Skc> Still exists? Yes! David Haslam
Yvand> Yes, the osisRef and osisID attributes still contains the osisID of the previous book (for example for the note in Rev : osisRef="Jude.1.0" osisID="Jude.1.0_1" but n="a")
Yvand> (I do not know what is best but in my opinion, the alphabetic numeration of notes should start at the beginning of a chapter. So if a note is present in the booktitle (only 2 cases) it shouldn't start the numeration of the chapter. But what value should we use for the n attribute? x? *?)
  • Same notes with different n attributes, reported by Yvand
The issue seems to concern only two verses, these verses contain notes which should use the same n attribute!
The note d in Zech.5.3 must be c ; as well the note i in Isa.24.16 must be h.
This is due to a limitation in which doesn't allow same duplicate note ** or ***, so darby.patch forces to create a new note.
  • Use id attribute instead of name attribute in html files, add href attribute in a tags, suggested by Yvand
A patch (for osis2html.xslt) has been send to the developper.
  • Use range verses in osisRef, for continuous verses, suggested by Yvand
For example <reference osisRef="Exod.22.26">Exode 22:26</reference>-27 should be replaced by <reference osisRef="Exod.22.26-27">Exode 22:26-27</reference> in Job.24.9 (note). According to the OSIS Manual, this syntax is valid.
SKc> Hard to do it right.
  • Nesting verse tag in lg tag, suggested by Yvand
In the OSIS file, you can found <verse sID="{sID}" osisID="{osisID}" n="{n}"/><l> ... </l><verse eID="{eID}"/> which is valid against XML Schema.
But it is more logical/coherent to put verse tags in a l tag.
  • Remove useless i tags, suggested by Yvand
The regular expressions s/<\/i>((\s|-|,)+)<i>/\1/g, s/<i>((\s|-|\.|,|;)+)<\/i>/\1/g and s/<i>((\s|-|\.|,|;)+)/\1<i>/g eradicates numerous useless i tags.
  • Replace « litt</i>. » by « litt.</i> », suggested by Yvand
  • Use lowercase for chapter titles in Psalms, suggested by Yvand corrected in ?
Currently the chapter titles are Chapter N, except in the Psalms in which it is PSAUME N.
I suggest to replace PSAUME N by Psaume N.
  • Double dot in some notes in Psalms, reported by Yvand, corrected in 1.18
Two dots (instead of a single dot) are present in the last note of the headers of Ps.34, Ps.60, Ps.111, Ps.112.
The problem seems to occur when there are more than one note in a Psalm header.
  • CrossReference notes too greedy, reported by Yvand, corrected in 1.18
Sometimes it captures other characters (mostly dots) in the note
See for example Matt.2.6, Matt.2.15, Matt.2.18, Matt.4.10 (about 31 notes concerned) includes the dot of the sentence, as others don't (like Matt.1.23, Matt.3.3)
The regular expression s/([0-9]\])(&#160;|\.)<\/i>/\1<\/i>\2/g can solve the problem.
  • Gen.49.1 should not be in a poetic group, reported by Yvand corrected in 1.18
  • Space problem due to Tidy, reported by Yvand corrected in 1.18
See for example John.21.5 (twice, after ":" and after "?"), John.18.22, John.18.28, Exod.6.2 (before the parenthesis) etc.
It appears if a line ends with <i...> or <span...>, tidy doesn't add a space when indenting (although there is a newline)!
  • Double dagger symbol (U+2021) in Acts 16:30 reported by David Haslam corrected in 1.17
  • Hebrew using "Psaume" instead of "Chapter" reported by Etienne corrected in 1.17
  • Typo in Num.33.51 ("paya" instead of "pays") reported by Etienne corrected upstream and in 1.17
  • Nested note in Rom.9.33 reported by Yvand corrected in 1.17
  • Misplaced alineas (end of previous verse instead of start of next verse) reported by Yvand corrected in 1.17
  • Different dates (we can find two different dates : 1859 and 1975, in the .conf file and in the OSIS file (header>work>identifier)) -> See FreJND#About_years
  • Update link (replace by in the .conf file) reported by Yvand corrected in 1.17
  • Missing letter ID in notes (see Gen.49.5, Num.21.12) reported by Yvand corrected in 1.17
  • Remove § in Gen.3.2, Gen.6.2, Gen.7.2, Gen.8.2, etc reported by Yvand corrected in 1.17
  • Add § in Gen.10.2, Gen.37.2 (problem with new § on verse 2 not found) reported by Yvand corrected in 1.17
  • Wrong chapter titles : in the Psalms the chapter title is "Chapitre #", while in the Epistle to the Hebrews it is "Psaume #" instead of "Chapitre #" reported by Etienne corrected in 1.17
  • Typo in Num.33.51 paya instead of pays reported by Etienne corrected in 1.17 (and upstream)