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About: King James Clarified NT

King James Bible, Clarified (KJC) NT (v1.1), 2003.

Introduction To Version 1.0, April 25, 1998

This Bible is theologically identical to the authoritative King James Bible (KJV), but it is easier to understand because the language has been somewhat updated to reflect current usage.

As its legal creator and owner, I hereby place this revision of the King James Bible, New Testament, into the Public Domain. You may use it any way you wish.

May the Lord bless this new expression of His holy Word.

Prayer For Blessing Of This Work

O Lord, please give Your blessing to this work,
And send it forth from here to do Your will.
In Jesus' holy name I pray, Amen.

Command To Ban All Unclean Spirits

In the name of Jesus Christ, and by His power given to me according to Scripture, I hereby command all unclean spirits, including Satan and all his workers, to stay far away from this presentation of God's holy Word. You may not meddle or interfere in any way with this communication of His to His people, mankind.

In Jesus' holy name I issue this command.

Bill McGinnis,
Sinner Saved By Grace
P. O. Box 2543
Alexandria, VA 22301