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About: Cherokee New Testament (1860) with Sequoyah transliterated forms

Cherokee New Testament, originally published in 1860 by the American Bible Society.
This updated module is based on the online electronic edition dated 2020-08-31 (downloaded 2021-03-13).
The source text is maintained by
and hosted at

1. Before Unicode 8.0 Cherokee syllabics made no distinction between lower and upper case letters.
2. The Galvji font includes support for the Cherokee Supplement.
3. This module makes no use of the small letters in the Cherokee Supplement
4. The Sequoyah transliteration is provided in OSIS markup as a help for language learning and proofreading.
5. The transliteration was implemented by means of a bespoke TextPipe filter.
6. This also solves a critical issue found in the online transliteration.
7. Transliterated words are capitalised where they are in the online transliteration.
8. Hyphens are retained in transliterated words only where they are present in the Cherokee words.
9. To separate syllables, the transliteration uses a middle dot (U+00B7) rather than hyphens or word-joiners.
10. Syllables are separated only where it is strictly necessary to ensure that back conversion can be 100% accurate.
11. Back conversion to Cherokee syllabics can be done at
12. See also
13. The Wayback Machine has this capture
14. The 1860 text is also available in facsimile at
15. Minor changes to the source text punctuation were implemented.
16. The Galvji font is available from