Module NameJubilee2000
Book NameEnglish Jubilee 2000 Bible
Module TypeBible
Module Version1.1 (2002-01-01)
Minimum SWORD Version1.5.6
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Install Size1.62 MB
AboutTranslated from the Original Texts in Hebrew and Greek into Spanish by Casiodoro de Reina (1569) and compared with the revision of Cipriano de Valera (1602). Based on the New Testament of Francisco de Enzinas (1543) and on the New Testament (1556) with the Psalms (1557) of Juan Perez de Pineda.
This material was translated from Spanish into English by Russell M. Stendal and compared with the Old English Translation of William Tyndale (Pentateuch of 1530, Ploughboy Edition New Testament of 1534, Joshua to 2 Chronicles of 1537, and Jonah). It was also compared word for word with the Authorized Version (by King James) of 1611.
Distribution LicenseCopyrighted; Free non-commercial distribution
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