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Which release best for Tiger 10.4.11?

If this issue has been addressed elsewhere, please direct me to the page - I could not find an answer.
According to the post, the requirements for the 2.0 Beta and the eventual 2.0 are Leopard 10.5
Sure enough, when I installed the latest beta on Tiger 10.4.11 it did not work.
There are very many Tiger users who did not upgrade to Leopard and who are using older G3, G4 and G5 Macs as well as Intel Macs.
The latest MacSword release for Tiger that I can find, 1.4.2, still has the "ephelimos" bug with the KJV module with Strongs Greek and other problems that have been addressed on the forums but not fixed. Are we going to be forced to continue using this problematic release or is there a fix that I have not found or do not know about? Maybe I should ask if Tiger updates are now a thing of the past.
Or, perhaps better asked, which is the last stable release that works for Tiger 10.4.11 on both a G4 and an Intel Mac?

Thank you for a reply.

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