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Request for Help in creating a Bible-module

Hello everybody,

I have started a thread under Module Requests ( but received no answer so far. So I just surfed through all related websites, but did not find anything. My conclusion is, that I have to write a module by myself.

I want to have an Elberfelder text, I want to have notes added, and since I am doing it for my personal edification I thought, that it might be just adequat to amplify the whole thing using different bible notes as well.
It would be fun to have parellel verses linked and so forth.

The bad news about it is, that it will not be publicly available due to license issues. Anyway I would appreciate help. My questions are:

Can I continue this thread in the German lanuguage, since it is my native and then I will better understand what is needed.?

Can somebody give me (best in german again) support in case I don't understand the english description in the wikki how to set up a osis bible module? The best would be, if someone could hand me a sample xml file, that contains all the tags needed for a project like this.

IS there any xml-editor, that anybody recomends for a work like this (for OS X)?

Thank you in advance for all help, best regards

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