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PitP 2.0 Highlights Christian FOSS Projects

For thos familiar with "Penguin in the Pew" 1.0, it fell woefully short by totally missing the Christian FOSS apps and community already in existence. Well, I have now revised PitP, and expanded it from 55 to 240 pages. It includes screenshots of BibleTime (and I think GNOMESword). It also includes screenshots of some of the Lyrics projection software (Lyricue and others), and discusses the community sites (Freely, OS Ministry, CS-FSLUG, L4C).

PitP 2.0 also clears up the confusion I'm certain I created in 1.0 with respect to FOSS terminology. It also goes more in-depth with the migration issues, and provides a bit more depth on the technical issues. I've included a brief "Guide to GNU/LLinux distros (a paragraph describing several of the more popular ones) and an index.

This edition is available under a Creative Commons license in paperback and PDF versions through - it's libre (well, quasi-libre), not gratis. You can purchase the download edition and then share it according to the terms of the license. A portion of the funds rasied will support FOSS advocacy efforts. We really do need help with this aspect. I hope you'll consider pitching in.

The paperback makes a nice resource that you can keep handy, use in small group settings, and find help for explaining those tricky terms, like "copyleft", to your friends. You can take it to BookCrossings events and share what a great resource it is for helping churches discover FOSS. I learned that from the OOo marketing team (and is a major reason I sought to publish this edition).

Incidentally, y'all should see the paperback! It looks fantastic. A brother on the L4C list did a great job with the graphics. Finally, PitP 2.0 has earned the recognition of the Free Software Foundation. You''l find a linnk on the GNU Porject's Philosophy page, under Third Party Ideas. Woohoo! That's major recognition for the whole community.

If you have any questions at all - about the license, the fee, my motives, you name it - e-mail me. I'll do my best to answer your questions. If this post is inappropriate, take me out behind the barn and whip me. ;)
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