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Male jackson

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How do I Install Modules to a static application data base directory rather than to Program Files Directory

I want to install the modules in a separate static
application data base directory rather than to the program
files directory. I backup that directory frequently to CD
ROMs and on my hard disk. Putting large amounts of data
there unnecessarily increases the number of CD ROMs and
space required. I have a separate static application data
base directory for data bases that don't change.

I found the paths to the modules in the files in the mod.s
directory. I changed the KJV path to point to the new loca-
tion and copied the files there. I entered a complete path.

However, it didn't work. When I started the program again,
it didn't find the files in the new location, and I got a
blank screen.

I tried both the Windows \ and the Unix /. Neither worked.

I could not find any place to point to the mods.d directory.
The only mods.d characters that I wound were in sword.exe
and installmgr.exe.

What is the trick to relocating the modules?
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