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Male jimmie

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this is all very confusing

I would like to use the Sword Bible on my Libranet Linux 2.8.1 computer. Are there any instructions as to how to accomplish this task? I have downloaded so far the Sword engine, the install manager, the Sword20039024.iso, and when I went to the BibleTime page, I found out that I have to download about 25 things there, as well as a bunch of others on the Debian page that are their dependencies, etc. I'm really confused! Is there any place that I can go to that has all of this worked out already, or will I spend the next few weeks trying to learn how to compile and recompile on this debian-based distribution? It would sure help if there is a page that tells you all of the things you need to do, in order, and what to do to get them onto your computer, or, better yet, if someone would tell me where I can find an iso image of the whole thing already put together so I can just put it into the computer and run it. This may be fine for the linux Guru's, but there seem to be no instructions for those of us who are new to Linux. HELP!!! Jimmie
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