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Male pete

Cymru (Wales)
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SOLVED : linux mint 17 xfce KJVA only showing New Testament

I have at last solved the above problem,this may

possibly help other people .

There are two solutions :

1) Open a terminal and type :

bibletime  --ignore-session

This will give you a completely new session with

no bibles,books,commentaries etc ; just click on

what you want drag them over,re-size them etc.

The KJVA will be therein its entirety NT,OT and

Apocrypha. BUT, and this is important DO NOT

close the terminal for if you do Bibletime will CLOSE.

2) My prefered solution,which I found later:

Click to open Bibletime ; Close the KJVA window ; Close Bibletime ; Click to re-open Bibletime - you will have any commentary or book etc. which you left on ,but a blank where KJVA was , Now click on to file to get KJVA - it's ALL there . Wheew !

I would welcome  any comments on this !


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