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Male Smurf

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biggrin Can Anyone Help?

Hello Folk's,
First off I would like to say what a great blessing this program has been. I am using 1.5.7 with BibleTime 1.4.1 on Mepis Linux 2004-05-b01 running KDE 3.2.2 and it runs very fast and smooth. I was using Theopolis on win and this runs much faster. Now on to my questions....
I have downloaded the programs from These little Bible programs are really pretty nice, and I have had no problem getting the KJV and the Nuggets programs running under the Fortune program by replacing all the files with the 2 mentioned. The problem I am having is getting the Trivia and Bread ones up. I have tried a ton of stuff but no go. I was wondering if anyone here has used these programs, and if so, how did you get them to run? When I load ether the Trivia or Bread ones I get an Xmess. "shell", but it looks like it cannot find the data files, and the site just says to unzip them in a Dir., but not which one. I have wrote to the web master 2 times, and even tried to find the programer of the programs, but no go. i know my Xwindow and XMess. are running OK, I'm just at a loss.
So far I have found some pretty good Christian programs for Linux, this Bible program being No. 1. Setting up a Linux system for Bible study has come a long way, and has made my journey away from the Win. side a lot easer!
I would like to Thank You All in advance for any and all help you may be able to give me, and God Bless! Smurf
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