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Male martin

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Easy way to convert from RTF to XML?

Hello everyone,

I'm new in the business, also not familiar with XML. But I know some good and unused material in German which I would love to add to the Sword Project. There is an online edition of German Translations of patristic texts and there are some exegetical texts available for free.

And available in the RTF format. My example is:

It's a commentary on nearly all Psalms by Saint Athanasius. It's no strict verse-by-verse commentary, so would just structure it in chapters. That wouldn't be much work (with search and replace) if there weren't so many footnotes.

My question is: Is there an easy and automatic way to convert such a file into the OSIS format or do I have to type all the 800 footnotes by myself? That would be work for about a week ...

I know tools like rtf2xml, but this produces an xml file which would look like the original rtf (which means: The output file consists just of commands I don't understand...)

Thank you very much!
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