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Male pythonholum

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Issue Compiling new code

OS: Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS
Sword Version: sword-1.6.2

Hello, I am working on a cgi program that uses the the sword 1.6.2 bindings, I am able to get it to work if I modify one of the examples/cmdline and then do

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am a web application developer, but I usually use php for all of my back end stuff, So c++ is not my strong suite

cd .. && make clean && make && cd cmdline &&./verserangeparse && cp .libs/lt-verserangeparse /usr/lib/cgi-bin/vrp.cgi

( I wrote a small script to do that ) The cgi script works I just would like to be able to work on it without all the other example's, but I can't seem to figure out how to get g++ to actually compile the code.

So far the way I have it works, Its just not the best way, I have tryed
g++ -I../../include/ verserangeparse.cpp -o vrp.cgi

and this is the output I get
/tmp/cc5I8NNO.o: In function `main':
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0x9fd): undefined reference to `sword::VerseKey::VerseKey(char const*)'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0xa11): undefined reference to `sword::ListKey::ListKey(char const*)'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0xa49): undefined reference to `sword::VerseKey::ParseVerseList(char const*, char const*, bool, bool)'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0xa71): undefined reference to `sword::ListKey::~ListKey()'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0xac6): undefined reference to `sword::SWKey::~SWKey()'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0xad5): undefined reference to `sword::SWKey::Error()'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0xb01): undefined reference to `sword::SWKey::Persist(signed char)'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0xb20): undefined reference to `sword::MarkupFilterMgr::MarkupFilterMgr(char, char)'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0xb56): undefined reference to `sword::MarkupFilterMgr::MarkupFilterMgr(char, char)'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0xb8c): undefined reference to `sword::MarkupFilterMgr::MarkupFilterMgr(char, char)'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0xbc2): undefined reference to `sword::MarkupFilterMgr::MarkupFilterMgr(char, char)'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0xbf8): undefined reference to `sword::MarkupFilterMgr::MarkupFilterMgr(char, char)'
/tmp/cc5I8NNO.o:verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0xc2e): more undefined references to `sword::MarkupFilterMgr::MarkupFilterMgr(char, char)' follow
/tmp/cc5I8NNO.o: In function `main':
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0xcef): undefined reference to `sword::SWMgr::SWMgr(sword::SWFilterMgr*, bool)'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0xf1a): undefined reference to `sword::SWMgr::~SWMgr()'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0xf29): undefined reference to `sword::ListKey::~ListKey()'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0xf38): undefined reference to `sword::VerseKey::~VerseKey()'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0xf86): undefined reference to `sword::ListKey::~ListKey()'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0x10a6): undefined reference to `sword::SWMgr::~SWMgr()'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0x10ba): undefined reference to `sword::ListKey::~ListKey()'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text+0x10ce): undefined reference to `sword::VerseKey::~VerseKey()'
/tmp/cc5I8NNO.o: In function `sword::SWBuf::~SWBuf()':
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text._ZN5sword5SWBufD2Ev[_ZN5sword5SWBufD5Ev]+0x22): undefined reference to `sword::SWBuf::nullStr'
/tmp/cc5I8NNO.o: In function `sword::SWMgr::getModule(char const*)':
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text._ZN5sword5SWMgr9getModuleEPKc[sword::SWMgr::getModule(char const*)]+0x25): undefined reference to `sword::SWBuf::SWBuf(char const*, unsigned long)'
/tmp/cc5I8NNO.o: In function `sword::ListKey::operator++(int)':
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text._ZN5sword7ListKeyppEi[sword::ListKey::operator++(int)]+0x23): undefined reference to `sword::SWKey::SWKey(sword::SWKey const&)'
verserangeparse.cpp:(.text._ZN5sword7ListKeyppEi[sword::ListKey::operator++(int)]+0x52): undefined reference to `sword::SWKey::~SWKey()'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
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Male niccarter
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Re: Issue Compiling new code

My quick (and kinda rusty) reply is that you're telling it where to find the headers but does it know where the library is?

You have a "-I" flag for the headers
Where is the complied library? Then use a "-L" flag for that location and see if that helps? :)
PocketSword Developer
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