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Male multipleverses

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confused Multiple Verses

I am making a module from a arabic text bible and it has verses like

Gen 1.5 and 1.6: Gen1.5and1.6text

i don't know the language so i can't seperate them so i was wondering how i would mark it up in Osis format so that it converts it to crosswire mod...
as something like this
Gen.1.5-6: Gen.1.5and1.6text
if I do it like this

<verse osisID="Gen.1.5;Gen.1.6"> Gen1.5and1.6text</verse>

then it shows Gen.1.5 as Gen1.5and1.6text
and Gen.1.6 as Gen1.5and1.6text
basically duplicating it...
i was wondering how i could make it show up as Gen.1.5-6 or something like that ...
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