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Posted by arthurclarke at Jul 21, 2010 5:21:16 AM
"New Bible View" settings do no save
I've tried to open up several "New Bible View"s, both in tab format and as individual windows with different books open for each tab or window. After closing the program, on re-opening, no windows/tabs are saved.

In fact, if there is only one window/tab open and if you change even that to any other book or passage--after closing/reopening the app--you have Gen 1:1 again. No other possiblility.

Some settings ARE saved by the app, such as the maximum number of verses you wish to be displayed per tab and the font size. But the failure mentioned above makes the app unusable.

I'm not looking for a solution since I previously used AlKitab and will return to it. I decided to look elsewhere only because AlKitab's latest and future versions will no longer will work with PPC as the newest Java version doesn't exist for PPC. I wanted something that would load faster than AlKitab and would be supported into the future. It's nice to have improvements, new features, etc.

AlKitab (using the same Java engine as a base) also is extremely buggy in saving settings--but WILL do so after you do some illogical playing around. But nothing works for Bible Desktop.

Since only a few have written about similar problems with setting savings on Bible Desktop, I assume it is likely with the age of my iMac (original 20" model) and it's limitations--whereas the rest of the world has moved on to Intel as have the programmers.

The above is just for the record and for the info for those involved in maintaining these apps. Thanks for your work.

iMac G5, PPC, 10.5.8

Posted by dmsmith at Aug 2, 2010 10:41:21 AM
Re: "New Bible View" settings do no save
At this time, Bible Desktop does not save settings. We have this planned for a future release, but we have no time table for that release.