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Posted by RevClyburn at Jul 3, 2010 7:36:52 AM
Need help with Bible Desktop

can someone help me with Bible Desktop. I can't seem to get the bibles/modules to load. I've tried everything I know to get them to work, to no avail. Can somebody help me here? Please

Rev. Clyburn

Posted by dmsmith at Jul 9, 2010 5:13:17 AM
Re: Need help with Bible Desktop
Sorry for the late reply. I was away on vacation.

You didn't give me much to go on. So I can share how it is supposed to work.

In BibleDesktop, pick Tools -> Books to bring up the Book installer. Click on the first tab "CrossWire". If you don't see any books, click on Update Available Books.

Then navigate the tree to pick a book. Books are organized first by type and then by language. Assuming that you want to download and install an English Bible, pick Bible -> English. Then select a Bible, say KJV and click on install. This will bring up a dialog telling you how big the download will be and ask if you want to continue. Click on Yes.

This will download and install the books for you. You can select books and install as the books as fast as you want. And you can close the window once the download has started.

If you need to cancel a download, click on the red button in the progress meter for the download.

The first Bible you download will become the default Bible that the program will use on start up. This can be changed in Options (aka Preferences).

Back in the main screen, choose the Bible you want in the Bible list and in the Show Passage entry type the verse or passage you want to see and hit enter or click go.

To search, the program needs to build a concordance. To do this click, Enable Search. Once that is done, you can perform a search.

You can let me know if it works for you. Otherwise, I need more info. Specifically, what OS (e.g. Window, Mac, Linux), what version (XP, 2000, Vista, Panther, Leopard, Ubuntu, ...) and where the program is installed.

In His Service,