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Posted by JohanMarais at Jun 17, 2010 7:54:45 AM
From Windows to iPhone
I have created a bible module for The SWORD Project for Windows from a vpl UTF-8 text file, using imp2vs.

My goal is to make this same module available for the iPhone and SwordReader.

The bible module has inter alia the following within the text:

Hebrew letters for the Name of the Father and the Son.
Characters with diacritical markers (e.g. h with a dot below - "special characters")
Colored text
Super text

The above show 100% correcty in Windows.

I have copied this module to iPhone and the Hebrew and the special characters show correctly, but the colored text, bold, italics and super text show the "markup", i.e. {\i} for italics, {\super} for bold.

Similarly in SwordReader, except the Hebrw and special characters just show blocks, probably just a font issue. The same with SlideBible.

I assume that module for the iPhone requires text to be in OSIS format?

Question: How do I progress from the module that I have to making this module for iPhone and SwordReader please?

I have downloaded all the utiities and have read the posts, but I am at a loss.

All and any help is appreciated - I am not a programmer.

In His Name,


Posted by JohanMarais at Jun 17, 2010 11:32:47 AM
Re: From Windows to iPhone
Correction - the text file is in GBF format:
$$$Gen 1:1
In the beginning ...

Posted by JohanMarais at Jun 28, 2010 7:08:16 AM
Re: From Windows to iPhone
Is it possible that there is nobody who can help me?

Posted by mdbergmann at Jun 28, 2010 8:58:15 AM
Re: From Windows to iPhone
Hello Johan.

The text source format/type should be irrelevant.
Your SWORD module should be working on all SWORD based application including iPhone (PocketSword).
But the source format, GBF in your case, is rendered by a certain GBF filter which can be subclassed by applications in order to customise the rendering.
I'm not sure about how the iPhone does this.
It might be worth, since I believe your issue has to do with PocketSword application, that you write in the PocketSword thread group and point to this thread.


Posted by JohanMarais at Jun 28, 2010 12:24:38 PM
Re: From Windows to iPhone
Thank you.