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Posted by onlinebible at May 23, 2010 3:33:54 AM
Use of EN DASH, EM DASH, Hyphen and Horizontal Bar in electronic text
There seem to be some inconsistencies when En Dash (U2013), Em Dash (U2014), Hyphen-Minus (U002D), Non-breaking Hyphen (U2011) and Horizontal Bar (U2015) is used in electronic text.

It would be useful if there was some guidelines set up when and where to use them in submitted electronic text.

In Project KJV2006 the text use consistently in over 200 occasions En Dash (U2013) for names ( i.e. Gen. 4:22 Tubal–cain, Gen. 12:8 & 13:3 Beth–el etc.).
In one occasion the text use Hyphen-Minus (U2013) for a name in Acts 13:6 Bar-jesus. Should it be so or not???

Hyphen-Minus (U2013) is used an additional 11 times for words (i.e. Exo. 18:19 God-ward, 1Sam. 19:4 thee-ward etc.)

On Wiki there is some guidelines when they should be used

A "simple" compound used as an adjective is written with a hyphen; at least one authority considers name pairs, as in the Taft-Hartley Act to be "simple", while most consider an en dash appropriate there to represent the parallel relationship, as in the McCain–Feingold bill or Bose–Einstein statistics. (Note, however, that truly compound names are written with a hyphen, thus the Lennard-Jones potential is named after one person, while Bose and Einstein are two people.)

When it comes to Horizontal Bar (U2015) it is used only ones in Exodus 32:32 I would suggest to replace with either
"EN DASH" U2013 –
"EM DASH" U2014 —

Since both have an equivalent in MacOS Roman and in Windows (The Em Dash looks the closest to how it looks in printed KJV Bibles).