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Posted by t3ddy at Mar 25, 2010 9:25:27 AM
CEI Bible 2008
I've made an imp for CEI Bible 2008, I've already sent an e-mail to, but I got no answer.
Here's the text of the e-mail:

Here's the CEI Bible 2008.
I've converted it to imp from pdf, I know this way I've lost a lot of text information, but it was the fastest way to get a result in my opinion.
Anyway there are two .txt, the most complete is Bibbia.txt, in the other I've had to remove chapters 13 and 14 from Daniel book because they leads to segmentation fault.
In Copia_Bibbia.txt I've also removed all verses from 31 to 100 of chapter 3, again in Daniel book.
I think that sword doesn't support chapters 13 and 14, and neither verses from 31 to 100 in chapter 3 of Daniel.
Another problem with I Kings 22,54 because sword seems to support only until 53, so the 54 is added at the beginning of II Kings, at least in BibleTime.
Same speech for Hosea 14,10.
Last, but not less important, there's a problem with Canticle of Canticles (or Song of Solomon) and the Revelation of John, because imp2vs seems to link all verses together (it says "linking entry"), so the second verse is the first plus the second, the third is the first plus the second plus the third, and so on.
Both txt contains some books that sword seems not to support, but are contained in the Catholic Bible, like the CEI one.

I then figure out that using imp2vs with -v Vulg solves the problems for Daniel, I Kings, Hosea and the Song of Solomon, but it has introduced lot of problems with nearly all others books in the Old Testament.
In the tar I've put three files: Bibbia.txt, cei2008.conf and canon_catholic.h, which is a modification of canon_vulg.h that I hope developers take in consideration to add to sword.
With that versification all problems to this Bible should be solved.

Posted by Osk at Mar 25, 2010 11:52:56 AM
Re: CEI Bible 2008
I can find no evidence that the CEI 2008 was released into the public domain. Everything I find indicates that it has a 2008 copyright. Without some evidence that the text is public domain or that we have permission to distribute it, we cannot use this text.

Posted by t3ddy at Mar 26, 2010 2:25:41 PM
Re: CEI Bible 2008
I've answered to chirs by e-mail

Posted by t3ddy at Apr 13, 2010 8:41:35 AM
Re: CEI Bible 2008
Have you taken in consideration the possibility of adding my canon_catholic.h to sword?
So people like me that have a catholic bible suitable for a sword module can use it without problems.

Posted by t3ddy at Apr 15, 2010 1:13:50 PM
Re: CEI Bible 2008
there were errors in my previous canon_catholic.h
I've fixed it:
hope you give it a look

Posted by Osk at Apr 15, 2010 2:47:50 PM
Re: CEI Bible 2008
I'll hold onto the canon_catholic.h file for possible future inclusion, but in order to include it, we would need verification that it represents a significant tradition of versification, used in multiple works. So far, I don't know that it is used anywhere outside the CEI, which we cannot redistribute.

Posted by t3ddy at Apr 15, 2010 11:51:35 PM
Re: CEI Bible 2008
Is there any way I can use that canon?
I mean: any way I can tell to imp2vs to use that specific .h or not?