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Posted by rstewart at Mar 13, 2010 10:29:07 AM
Help Installing NET (paid version) with MacSword?
I have purchased a license for using the paid or premium version of NET with MacSword, and it's not clear to me how I would go about installing it. The e-mail message from points me to

but that appears to be out of date, based on what I see there compared to the MacSword wiki page.

I've downloaded the zipped files for NET and NETnotes and have uncompressed them; I have the e-mail message with the cipher key. What are the next steps to be taken?

Thanks in advance.


Posted by mdbergmann at Mar 13, 2010 1:43:19 PM
Re: Help Installing NET (paid version) with MacSword?

Indeed the web page you are referring to (or the email) is quite old.
I suggest you use the instructions in the wiki and use the module installer to download and install the NET modules. If the "" install source is not yet available in the module installer you can click the "Sync install sources" button followed by a "Refresh install source" in the toolbar.
Once the NET bible has been downloaded and you see the module in the left side bar of the main MacSword window you should also see a lock icon.
Now right-click on the module (with the lock icon) and choose "Unlock module". In the window that appears enter your cipher key.
It might be needed to restart MacSword.


Posted by rstewart at Mar 13, 2010 2:06:10 PM
Re: Help Installing NET (paid version) with MacSword?
Thanks for the quick response, Manfred. That worked very smoothly.

I think the piece that I was missing was just the refreshing of the list of sources, so that was showing in the list. At that point, I probably could have muddled through the rest.

Again, thank you!


Posted by jcfried at Apr 18, 2010 1:50:50 PM
Re: Help Installing NET (paid version) with MacSword?
I have a slightly different problem. I have the paid version of NET running with the notes in 1.4.3 and the notes are visible. In all version 2 implementations i can see the NET version, but the notes appear as a highlighted "n" which when i click does nothing. For the ESV, when i click on the highlighted "x" (for notes) it opens a new window with the note. While this approach is not as nice as the 1.4.3. version at least i can see the notes. How can i bring back the notes for the 2.x versions?

Posted by mdbergmann at Apr 19, 2010 12:34:27 AM
Re: Help Installing NET (paid version) with MacSword?
There is a big difference between "x" and "n". "x" are bible cross-references while "n" are just textual notes. Where is makes sense to open x-refs in a new window for further study it doesn't make sense for notes.
But they have never been away, there are and were always there. They are shown either as tooltips (as in MacSword 1.4.x) and/or in the preview panel.
Check the main menu for the preview panel and open it or enable tooltips in preferences.
Tooltips are normally enabled by default since MacSword 2.1 but if you had earlier versions they might still be disabled.