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Posted by onlinebible at Jan 19, 2010 11:06:51 AM
Nordic Bibles (Swedish, Danish & Finnish) - PDF's & Texts available
Here is some links to the threee Nordic Language Bibles (Swedish, Danish & Finnish) that is closest to the KJV.

Please feel free to use them (even post them on your website) or provide links to the below website.

I have now finally finished the three Nordic Bibles.Have updated and double checked all instances which should be in small caps or not.

They are available to download for free. Available in PDF of NT, OT, and Whole Bible, as wwll as Accordance Bible Software Modules and text files in Mac and PC format in case you like to make Bible Software Modules for other Software.

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Title: Swedish Carl XII Biblia

Carl XII:s Biblia (1703) - 1873 Version

According to 19th Century Orthography, Morphology & Syntax of Late Modern Swedish used 1732-1906.
Complete Old & New Testament.
Text from an OCR of The British and Foreign Bible Societies printed edition from 1873 and spell-checked against a re-print from 1976.

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Title: Danish Bibelen (1871/1819)

1819 New Testament (aka Frederik VI's NT) & 1871 Old Testament - Danish Bible Society's Revision of Bishop Svane's 1647 Revision of Bishop Resen's Translation of 1607.

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Title: Finnish Biblia (1776)

1776 Revision of 1642 Translation and printing of the Bible into Finnish and it's reprints 1685 & 1758.
Reprints of the 1776 revision: 1817, 1821, 1832, 1845, 1852 and then on regular basis until present day.