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Posted by keithecampbell at Mar 14, 2004 9:10:04 PM
instructins for using QPSword
I have used QPSword on Windows, but this is my first time on the Zaurus. I'm intrigued by the screenshots, but don't know how to do those things, such as find. Is there a manual or something somewhere?

Keith Campbelll

Posted by markd at Mar 18, 2004 7:13:32 AM
Re: instructins for using QPSword
I don't know if there is a manual for QPSword, but to get to things like Find touch and hold your stylus on the screen until the menu displays. From there you will be able to search, choose a different module, lookup words in whatever dictionary module you have selected, etc. Hope this helps.

In Faith,

Mark Dayton (QPSword user)