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Posted by chrisbaker at Mar 14, 2004 8:13:56 PM
keyboard shortcuts
I'm using Sword for Windows 1.5.6 with XP Pro.

Here are some keyboard shortcuts I'd like to see implemented in a future version.

(ctrl-g or ctrl-o) selects the text in the "freehand verse key" box
('g' for 'go to' or 'o' for 'open')

(ctrl-s) opens search dialog/window

(ctrl-p) opens print dialog/window

(ctrl-c) to copy

(esc) should close search, print, daily devotional, other windows (I realize that alt-f4 will do it - that's certainly better than no shortcuts at all)

(alt-left arrow) activates "back" button

(alt-F4) close main program window

Finally: map alt-up&down arrows to chapter spin buttons and ctl-up&down arrows to verse spin buttons

I don't have enough programming expertise to help with development of this great project, but only enough to know that these suggestions shouldn't be too terribly difficult, should you choose to implement them. Thanks & keep up the good work!

PS: I noticed that between an earlier version & the current one I can now use a "." instead of a ":" in the "freehand verse key" box -- Thanks!