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Posted by earlstvincent at Dec 2, 2009 7:02:01 AM
Douay Rheims
Hi all,

First time posting and checked out some other threads and posts regarding this topic. From what I can tell work may have since been completed on this but I'm not so sure. Hence the question! Hopefully you can help. smile

I'm trying to get hold of a Douay Rheims with the Deuterocanonical texts and relevant catholic commentaries? I'm wondering has any work been done on these even with the Deuterocanonical being released as a standalone module would be fine or indeed can anyway verify are the Douay Rheims versions on the module installer proper 1582 versions? Am hoping to use it for a Masters Degree Thesis I'm doing. Or even at the extreme I could use a Latin Vulgate but none of those seem to include Deuterocanonical texts? Any and all information on this is very much appreciated.

Yours in Christ,