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Posted by mdbergmann at Aug 7, 2009 9:35:13 AM
Good to know
This thread is intended to explain the not so obious things in MacSword.

There is also a page in our wiki which will get updated and extended regularly. Please also have a look there first:

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Posted by mdbergmann at Aug 7, 2009 9:35:56 AM
Personal commentary editing
Both MacSword 1 and 2 support personal commentary editing.
However the module which is available from the CrossWire repository ("Personal Commentary") does not work in MacSword for editing.
You can make it work if you add "Editable=YES" to the .conf file.
Alternatively create a module from MacSword.

Posted by mdbergmann at Aug 9, 2009 7:50:46 AM
Installing modules
Both MacSword 1.4.x and MacSword 2.x have a module installer facility included that will download and install selected modules.
This module installer is found in the main menu of the application.
One thing to note here is that you have to "refresh" new "install sources". Also if you start the application for the first time you need to first refresh the listed install sources.
Refreshing will actually download the list of modules from the repository server.

Installing new modules with the module installer is easy:
Choose "Module installer..." from the main menu.
Select the "CrossWire" install source (or another one if you have) and refresh it.
When finished, select it again and choose your module you want to install by choosing the "Install" task in the "Task" column of the table.
Then click "Process tasks" in the toolbar.
When finihed, the modules should be available in the "Module list" window.

If you plan to install modules manually by downloading from the CrossWire web page you need to unpack the download and place them in this folder:
/Users/<yourlogin>/Library/Application Support/Sword

This folder should get created automatically on the first run of the application, so just place your modules there.

Posted by mdbergmann at Aug 16, 2009 4:42:52 AM
First start crash with MacSword 2
I received few reports that MacSword 2 crashes every time it is started.
All the crash logs indicate that this is due to one or more modules causing trouble.

As a workaround I suggest moving the folder:
/Users/<yourlogin>/Library/Application Support/Sword
to a different place, start MacSword 2 and re-install your modules using the included module installer or by copying the .swd files back one by one into the module path.

Posted by mdbergmann at Aug 24, 2009 8:25:02 AM
Showing Strong's and other linked data
In MacSword2 this data is shown in the "Preview Panel". This panel is not open by default but you can open it using OPTION-COMMAND-P shortcut or the main menu.
Alternatively you can enable "show preview as tooltip" in preferences which additionally shows tooltips.