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Posted by jlfmusic at Jul 13, 2009 10:57:50 AM
KJV with Strongs module in Tiger versions
The KJV with Strongs module in Tiger versions has a bug or the Tiger versions of MacSword have bugs. Here is just one example.
Got to several New Testament books and see how many times you see this -
<3588 strong:G1093>
The mouseover text box gives you the entry for the word "ophelimos" regardless of what the word is and the reference after the : is the accurate one, which you have to type in manually to get the correct entry.
Last year, I posted here about this and I contacted mdbergmann personally who told me that he was moving and that the problem would be addressed in the next version of MacSword - which told me that is not a module problem but a program coding problem. Well, the next beta versions are here but they are for Leopard only.
I know that you are a non-profit organization with a private funding source.
Have you just decided to forget about Tiger users or are we in a wait mode until you get the 2.0 Leopard version completed?
It would be courageous and courteous for you to address this problem one way or the other instead of just ignoring it.

Thank you.