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Posted by RhemaSound at Apr 28, 2009 1:53:52 AM
PHP or Python
Are there any plans to release a web interface on a platform other than java, like PHP, Python or even Perl?

Posted by jonmmorgan at Apr 28, 2009 3:51:36 AM
Re: Python Web Application
I am not aware of any plans for another web application. It would certainly be possible to write such an application using the SWIG bindings. The Python bindings are maintained by the BPBible developers and work well. You could also look at the BPBible modules swlib and backend, which add additional useful methods and wrappers (and in the case of backend) renders the text as we want it (which may not be how you want it, but that's another matter).

What exactly are you wanting to do? Do you have any particular plans to make a web application, and if so about how it will be distinguished from biblegateway and friends, or where it will be hosted?

Should you go ahead with such a thing, I am not clear about the distribution status of any copyrighted modules that you use. It would be worth checking this to make sure you are able to serve passages from such works before you include them.

Posted by Osk at Apr 28, 2009 6:04:32 AM
Re: PHP or Python
There's a Perl-based CGI interface that uses the program diatheke. (Diatheke and the CGI interface are both included in the Sword source tarballs and probably in a few packages.)

However, since I haven't worked on this code in a number of years, it won't take advantage of newer features. I plan to improve the TCL-based eggdrop script, which also uses diatheke, soon. So the CGI script might improve slightly, but I don't have any plans to make major improvements to the CGI script.

Posted by Kriss at Sep 1, 2011 4:05:13 PM
Re: PHP or Python
Hello; i am working on project "Scripture"; wich is a Open Source PHP, mobile, and web bible study application. And i wish to learn more about how i could make it possible to infact use these databases. (This makes it infact OS-independent; and would work on most applications).

I'm aware of mod2osis for example. But i would very much like a PHP alternative to this so i could implement it into my project. Wich would give users ability to import these modules from the sword project. OSIS format also seem a bit complicated, and would require much time for developing a converter to it.

I would be grateful for any help on the matter.

Project Home:

Posted by jonmmorgan at Sep 19, 2011 5:16:46 AM
Re: PHP or Python
I have no specific experience with PHP, so I will just make some general statements:
1. CrossWire doesn't encourage people to export SWORD modules into a different format for usage. While it is certainly possible, many modules have compromises that have been made to suit the SWORD Project, and so it is considered preferable to view the original source.

2. Many of the Bibles and other books provided by CrossWire are copyrighted, and only CrossWire has permission to distribute it. If you were to use them you would need to investigate if permission is needed and then obtain said permission.

3. If you want a simpler version than OSIS, SWORD can output modules as plain text (which is used in searching), as well as in HTML. These outputs will all be specifically designed for SWORD, and may not do what you want or be able to be converted into a format you want. (As a result of (1), there is likely to be little or no support for this option, so YMMV).

I believe there are also PHP bindings to SWORD. However, I do not know whether they work or not, and even if they did they would be linking to a C++ library and may not be permitted in all hosting environments.