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Posted by no2thesame at Mar 31, 2009 7:28:16 PM
Strong's number search is incomplete
Using BibleTime 1.6.5, searching for Strong's numbers does not show every occurance of the word.

For instance, searching the KJV with: strong:G5610

results in 5 hits in Revelation, whereas, even for "hour" alone, the printed Strongs shows 9. The Blue Letter Bible with the search for G5610 shows 10 hits in Revelation.

Is there something I am doing incorrectly?


Posted by no2thesame at Apr 4, 2009 8:07:01 PM
Re: Strong's number search is incomplete
Could someone else please try this test. I would like to know if I am the only one who has this problem. Maybe I have not installed BibleTime correctly?

I just ran another test to confirm the problem.

To search for "church" and "churches" (Strongs: G1577) first in English, I used this search term with my KJV:


and got 114 hits.
I checked it against my printed Strongs concordance and it seems to be correct.

From the printed Strongs I noted that all hits except Acts 19:37 were G1577 (ekklesia). So that means that there should be at least 113 hits with a search for G1577

So I searched for the Greek word like so:


and returned only 37 hits. That means that the search missed around 60%,
including all the references in Matthew!

Right clicking on "church" in Matthew 18:17 and selecting "Strong's search" I got the search terms:


in the "Search for" box, and a total of 2 hits. None in Matthew!

Could someone else try this please as I would like to use Bibletime more but don't trust it's Greek search at present.