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Posted by TheBaldEagle at Mar 26, 2009 3:55:50 AM
biggrin   How to help a "layman" to be a good "TheSwordProject" developer?
In most of your eyes: I am a layman for software development!
Technically I got a A+ certification (PC hardware!)
I have used Windows and its Office type applications for many years!
I recently start using Xubuntu 8.10 on my old Pentium III laptop PC!
I had some experience with "Basic".

Things that I can think of as a "basic" software developer:
1) what kind of software do I need??
2) what kind of basic trainings that I need?
from "self help" books?, learning software?
"software classes" that I should take from a average
local "state or community college" ???

Posted by dmsmith at Mar 29, 2009 6:22:44 PM
Re: How to help a "layman" to be a good "TheSwordProject" developer?
Welcome. We always appreciate new colleagues!

Regarding our projects, we have several and each has different skill sets. It would help us to help you if we knew more of your interests.

The SWORD engine is written in C++ as are many of the front-ends (e.g. The SWORD Project for Windows, Xiphos, BibleTime, MacSword). Some are for Windows and some for Linux and others for Mac. Xiphos is for both Linux and Windows, as will be BibleTime in the near future. (There are other apps using it, too.)

The JSword engine, a loose port of the SWORD engine, is written in Java. And BibleDekstop, Alkitab and FireBible are written in it.

So the first choices are between of "engine", a "platform" and a "front-end".

The second choice deals with module development. Besides developing software, we also create modules. This is centered around getting e-texts and appropriate permissions for those texts. Permissions may be public domain (not merely by claim but rather by age of the physical copy), unencumbered (some texts are claimed to be copyrighted, even though scanned from public domain texts or have been enhanced from a public domain text. These are encumbered) or permission for coprrighted text has been granted to CrossWire for distribution rights.

Just let us know which direction you want to focus your time and energies on.

We'll probably suggest that you join the sword-devel and/or jsword-devel mailing lists and hang out at #sword on irq.

In Him,
DM Smith