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Posted by etienne at Feb 22, 2009 4:45:03 PM
Morphological Information in Greek NT
I am a student of Theology, able to read Greek and Hebrew, and I have been using GnomeSword, v2.2.3, on my Ubuntu machine for just a short while now. I am really excited about the prospects of the Sword Project, but there are some problems which bother me...

I use the Westcott-Hort (with NA27/UBS4 variants) Greek NT (without accents!) because of how up to date and accurate it is, yet when I set the module options to show morphological tags, it just shows a *S next to each word.
I would really like to be able to look up the morphology, but I cannot. There are various websites, such as Crosswire's own Bible Tool, or Resurgence ( which can do this, but I do not constantly want to look something up on a website.

1. Surely there is a way to display these tags in the preview pane, as one can view the Strongs Numbers? And is it possible to write a script that would translate something like "N-ASF" to "Noun, Accusative, Singular, Female" ? (Just like in the BibleTool, )

2. Secondly, there are versions of the Westcott-Hort (again with variants) available on the internet WITH ACCENTS. I have not yet been able to find one that I can download as a single file (see ), but would it be possible to incorporate the accents into the Sword Module?

I would be glad to help in any way I can. I am not a programmer, yet I am starting to learn Python in order to help the Open Source movement!

Etienne Snyman

Posted by ransom1982 at Feb 22, 2009 6:09:57 PM
Re: Morphological Information in Greek NT
OK, we got Etienne up to Xiphos 3.0 and got his morphology needs taken care of.


Posted by etienne at Feb 23, 2009 2:14:43 AM
Re: Morphological Information in Greek NT
Thanks for the help, Matthew!

Now that I know the morphology is actually freely available (my own fault for having such an ancient version of GnomeSword!), I still would love to have the Westcott-Hort GNT available in a Sword module with accents.

Is there a way to take the one available at and convert it into a Sword Module? And can I help in any way?


Posted by Osk at Feb 24, 2009 12:17:45 AM
Re: Morphological Information in Greek NT
The Tisch & MorphGNT modules, currently in the beta repository, include accents, morphology, & lemmatized forms. Tisch also includes Strong's numbers.

Posted by etienne at Feb 24, 2009 4:26:16 AM
Re: Morphological Information in Greek NT
Thanks, Osk!

The Tisch GNT differs considerably in places from the latest version of the Nestle-Aland GNT, but I will download the MorphGNT and look into it!

Posted by etienne at Mar 5, 2009 3:38:22 PM
Re: Morphological Information in Greek NT

I have been using the MorphGNT for my Greek studies for the past few weeks, and have had no problems yet in the line of differences to the latest version of the Nestle-Aland Greek NT - it seems pretty accurate!

Well done, Sword developers for having such a good version of the GNT! I am really pleased to have open-source versions of Bible software and texts!