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Posted by tzefanyah at Nov 15, 2008 4:17:59 PM
smile   The Scriptures module for Linux

I have tried to use the Windows version which is right on the website. I used wine to install the module and then I tried to copy it over to the .sword local directory. It worked except I have italics, footnotes, superscript, that does not work. It shows up in strange brackets. Is there a setting in the ts1998.conf file that I could alter to get this to work? Or Is there any way that I could get this to show up properly? It is the bible I primarily use in hard copy format so it would be an added convenience for me when I am doing my web blog.

God bless you guys with all your great work! :)

Thank you in advance for any help.


Posted by ransom1982 at Nov 16, 2008 8:27:10 PM
Re: The Scriptures module for Linux
The website as far as I can see only lists "e-sword" software. We are not affiliated with e-sword in any way. However, we do have several "native linux" Bible study software, which may be easier for you to use than e-sword with wine. I suggest you try out "Gnomesword" or "BibleTime".


Posted by tzefanyah at Nov 29, 2008 2:35:44 AM
Re: The Scriptures module for Linux
Hi ransom1982,

Incorrect. Look below esword and you will see "The Sword Project." I do my best to cast down vain imaginations with the Holy Spirit's help, judging from the website this is not one. smile

Do you work on The Sword Project? This is the website .

First you will see a picture of a bible in blue, next the heading "Download The Scriptures for Bible Study Programs".

Then you have 2 listings:
1. Logo for e-Sword
2. Logo for The Sword Project

The second one is what I am referring and would like to see it ported to The Sword Project for Linux since the Windows version for The Sword Project already is. I will write to them and see what I can do since I know some of the translators personally.

Thank you for your help.

God Bless! smile