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Posted by VJRhodes at Oct 11, 2008 10:45:38 PM
Module Installer not working
I am running Leopard 10.5.5 0n Intel MacBook Pro. Installed MacSword 1.4.3_119, ran Module Installer after adding "Sword" folder in "username"/Library/Application Support/ as per ReadMe. Selected modules "installed", but still cannot find any modules at all after force quit/reopen MacSword. On the MacIntosh HD location all the modules appear as single files with ".conf" extension. In the new Sword folder is another folder "InstallMgr"/ inside that is a mods.d folder, a modules folder and a mods.d.tar.gz file. Inside the module folder is more folders, but no files in them. I've installed/uninstalled a couple times trying to figure this out, and noticed that there were, on prior attempted installs, files with ".bzz", or maybe ".bvz", or silmilar, in the modules folders, which are missing in current install.
Why are .conf files in MacIntosh HD?
Am I missing some files?
I'vre read about .swd files, but don't understand all the file extensions involved. Do I need to convert .conf files to .swd?
Thanks in advance for any insight and help forthcoming.
Vic Rhodes
divertscash at

Posted by mdbergmann at Oct 12, 2008 1:05:58 AM
Re: Module Installer not working

You don't need to create the "Sword" folder when using the module installer.
It is created by the module installer actually and only needs to be created manually if you want to install modules manually.

Sword modules have a specific folder structure with mods.d and modules folders.
In mods.d are configuration files per module.
The modules folder contains the texts either compressed or uncompressed.

The .swd files are Mac specific modules files because Mac can treat folders like files in Finder when the filename extension has been registered and Finder knows about it.
In fact .swd files have the same folder structure with mods.d and modules folders.

However all this you actually don't need to know if you use the modules installer.
It installs modules to ~/Library/Application Support/Sword
Make sure you have configured the module location path in MacSword to be this path.


Posted by VJRhodes at Oct 12, 2008 10:06:41 PM
Re: Module Installer not working
Thanks Manfred!
I deleted all the files and the Sword folder I created, ran installer again, seems to be working fine so far.
I appreciate your help and quick response.
Blessings abound to the righteous!

Posted by thehawkes at May 11, 2009 9:51:30 PM
Re: Module Installer not working

I've been using the latest MacSword without problem. Installed it on a friends MacBook without problems... But both of us now can add additional modules with the module installer... when we click on it the widow remains blank or asks for a name but there is no name to click on. Initially, we installed multiple transl. and commentaries etc. with no problem. Now, there doesn't seem to be any way to access these additional resources. Any thoughts as to what we may be doing wrong?

Thanks for your help....

Posted by thehawkes at May 11, 2009 9:53:17 PM
Re: Module Installer not working
I missed the 't... It should read that we now CAN'T add additional modules...

Posted by mdbergmann at May 12, 2009 12:26:17 AM
Re: Module Installer not working
The latest MacSword is what? The beta version or 1.4.3?

Which window remains blank and where did you click on when you asked - and what exactly were you asked.

Sorry for asking to much but it is important to have as much precise information as possible.


Posted by thehawkes at May 12, 2009 6:09:37 AM
biggrin   Re: Module Installer not working

Using 1.9.6-207

When I click on module installer, the Module manager widow comes up. Clicking on the add install source gives the install source window. I tried to paste a tiff of what is looks like but I'm sure you know. It shows
Type: Remote
Name: Blank
Host: grayed out -
Directory: grayed out - /pub

clicking OK or test source or entering any kind of name in the blank gives a warning or error message...

Clicking on process tasks, refresh install source, edit install source, all give error message INFORMATION please select something first.. but nothing to select. So, your suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong would be helpful...

I trust this clarifies things somewhat - I hope so anyway!

Awaiting your reply...


Posted by mdbergmann at May 13, 2009 12:19:38 AM
Re: Module Installer not working
Hmm, the question is why are there no install sources on a fresh installation.
At least the "Crosswire" install source should be created by default.
Can you try to remove the folder:
/Users/<yourlogin>/Library/Application Support/Sword/InstallMgr
And restart MacSword to see whether the default install source gets created, it should be.

When you add a new install source the fields in the window must be filled with valid install source data.
Here are some available install sources:
You should see which information has to go into which field in the window.


Posted by thehawkes at May 13, 2009 4:18:17 PM
Re: Module Installer not working
Well, I did as suggested but to no avail... when I restarted MacSword the InstallMgr folder reappeared with the Crosswire ftp but nothing else. There were a couple of other locations before I deleted the InstallMgr folder. But the only subfolder that had anything in it was I went to the Module_Repositories that you listed above and entered the data in the Module Source window and Not valid source came up as the INFORMATION message....So, still in same situation. Any further suggestions as to what I may need to do?


Posted by StreetSwordMax at May 13, 2009 11:06:23 PM
Re: Module Installer not working
I am having the same problem as Craig. The Install Manager file is all there because I am able to use the install manager from another front end (alkitab or Bible Desktop) but when I open the Module Manager within MacSword, it doesn't detect any install sources. I can't add any new ones either even when I manually type in the name/host/directory. It also doesn't detect any installed modules even though I have several installed that work fine within MacSword.

Any ideas?


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